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Convert your interview to a job offer: A dummy’s guide to success!!
Congratulations on your interview call!!
Finally, you have reached the 1st step to build your career. Yes, you get a call from company or consultancy which will help you to turn your dreams into reality. You have found here a magical lamp for your interview preparation.
Employers want to hire the best and the brightest. Take your time to review yourself. Once you know yourself thoroughly, you need not overfeed yourself with huge journals pertaining to interview tips which may render you confused after reading numerous tips for achieving your target. Reflect on your competencies and be able to articulate how well you have developed your skills an interviewer is seeking for. Keep it easy and follow the 3C’s: Calm, Confident and Clear.
“First impression is your last impression”
This cliche is very important during your interview process.
The below tips can help you overcome the pitfalls and help you ace the interview. Let’s we go step-by-step:
Prior to your interview: Preparing yourself about the company’s profile is also an important aspect. Many candidates blindly go for interview without initial preparation about the role, company profile & key details, competitor and industry landscape. Research about the company and the domain for gaining a summary about the company you are going to be interviewed for.
Personal grooming and Presentation: Clad yourself in formal attire in which you must feel comfortable. You must be neatly groomed; right from your well-combed hair to your footwear. This adds to your self-confidence. Bright & loud clothes are a BIG NO!! Females can wear western formals or Indian formals. Casual clothing is best avoided. Tattoos; if any; must be covered. Ensure that your perfume or deodorant is not too strongly suffocating!!
At Interview venue: Ensure that you reach the interview venue at least 15 minutes prior the appointed time. Last minute arrival creates lots of anxieties and mind is not calm and at peace. If possible; freshen up in the washroom and groom yourself. Before you are in an interview room, take slow and deep breaths, it will slow down your heart’s fast palpitations and help your mind focus better. Drink little fresh water and avoid carbonated drinks. Keep your mobile phone switched off. Now, there is no time to self-doubt. Pretend to be happy and you will feel happy. If the venue is at unknown location; please google map the locality and check out the various options to reach the venue. Traffic & unforeseen situations in major metros can throw local travel haywire and thus delay you. If in case you are getting delayed; please inform the recruiter or HR who coordinating the interview and explain the delay and approximate time you shall reach the venue. This will redeem your delay to a certain extent. No one likes to be kept waiting & definitely not the interviewer. Several corporates have candidate information form to be filled up. Fill in all details clearly and do not fudge. Ensure the details match with those on your resume.
Body language: A positive and confident body gesture always gain positive results. Firm hand-shakes, pleasant smile, sit with your spine erect and straight shoulders. Never slouch in the chair as it displays lack of interest. The way you walk, talk, sit and stand, facial expression all collectively form your body language. It creates a constructive perspective in an interviewer’s mind. Be enthusiastic.
Answering to an interviewer: Maintain eye contact. Be loud and clear. Talk positive and be honest. If you don’t know an answer to an interviewer’s question, either buy sometime by saying, ”This is a good question”. But this tactic will be helpful only if you are sure that you can answer to the question that you may learn in your acedemic or training institutes, if you really don’t know the answer gently say I don’t know. It is ok if you don’t know some things rather than offering wrong answers to the question asked. Never lie. Don’t fumble while answering. Be Humble. Exhibit your communication skills while answering.
Salary: One of the major mistakes several candidates do is to ask for salary offered for the role. This is a BIG NO!! Let the interviewer ask you about the salary expectations. Do not quote unrealistic salary. Evaluate yourself; keeping in mind the salary offered to your peer group, company policies and industry standards.
Queries: If you have any question striking into your mind then, try to ask an intellectual and logical question which will help you in knowing the company even better and also this will represent your keen interest for the company and the job. Do not get in to Once the interview is over; thank the interviewer and politely exit the meeting room.
Following up: Post interview; do a follow up mail or phone call. Frequent follow-ups irritate. So avoid that. If shortlisted for second round; repeat the same process. Only difference is that second land subsequent interview levels will be much more intense and difficult. So, prepare in much greater detail.
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